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Getting more clothing storage space is as simple as adding a chest of drawers to your bedroom. Whether you want a place to store occasional items or simply don’t require the hanging space offered by wardrobes, a chest of drawers is a great way to keep your clothes neat and looking their best.

Choosing the right piece for your bedroom is easy with the many shapes, sizes, and colours available. A small or narrow chest of drawers is perfect for children’s rooms or wherever you need to maximize space. It’s also good for storing delicate items as well as things like socks and underclothes. If you need more storage, consider a piece with three, four, or five drawers. These will be more prominent in the décor of your bedroom, but will also provide the space you require for all of your clothing.

Whatever size chest of drawers you choose, you want something that is going to work well with the overall look of your bedroom. If you prefer a light and airy feel or want to brighten up an otherwise dreary space, cream and white paint finishes work well. You can also create this feeling with a variety of natural woods such as pine, oak, or beech finished with a light stain. Any of these choices are perfect for either modern or classic bedroom designs.

Wood and paint can also be incorporated as part of a subdued décor. Adding a dark-coloured chest of drawers doesn’t mean the room will become dim or depressing. Deeper colours have their own beauty that you can utilize to create a unique, fresh look. Some mahogany and walnut woods have naturally deep coloration; other woods take dark stain well for a lovely appearance. Black paint finish is especially eye-catching as part of a contemporary bedroom set.

For something even more unique, consider a mirrored chest of drawers or even something with a French flair. Mirrored furniture is interesting to look at and can create a sense of extra space in a room. French-style pieces often combine curved lines with intricate accents for a truly beautiful piece.

Adding a chest of drawers to your bedroom not only gives you space for your clothes, but also a prominent piece of furniture that can change the look of the whole room. Large or small, natural wood or painted, classic or eclectic, a chest of drawers combines practical storage with attractive design.